August 28, 2008

Anti-war/Anti-nuke Rally in Nagasaki on August 8 very successful with Arlene Inouye

Anti-war/Anti-nuke Rally in Nagasaki on August 8 in commemoration of the 63rd year since the atomic bombing on Nagasaki was held with 115 workers and students. An excited atmosphere filled Nagasaki Labor Welfare Hall.
 Highlight of the rally was a speech of Ms. Arlene Inouye of CAMS. She spoke of confidence gained by her direct action that drove out military recruiters from school together with her colleagues and of her belief that workers should play a central role in fighting for peace and justice. She encouragingly proclaimed: "You all have a power to change the world!"

 Her speech was immediately followed by two education workers: Ms.KAWARAI Junko, who was punished for her disobedience in Hinomaru and Kimigayo school ceremony, reported on her struggle, referring to the success of her co-fighter, NEZU Kimiko, in preventing the attempt of discharge, and stated the importance of international solidarity. Another dissident education worker, Ms.YONEYAMA Yoshie, also spoke of her activities and her vision for further struggle against Hinomaru and Kimigayo.
  Mr. FUJITA Sukeyuki, former professor of Keio University, an expert of nuclear damage investigation, delivered a speech titled "Stationing of antiballistic missile and Japan's nuclear armament" and denounced government's attempt of missile development. He refused to be a simple live witness of nuclear disaster and claim to be a fighter against nuke and war, articulating his statement, "No more prayer for peace, but let's be angry Nagasaki"
 Reports of workers representing various workplaces followed: Mr.HABIRO Ken, one of the defendants of national railway struggle trial (a case of political repression on the occasion of Japan National Railway Union), declared his determination to continue fighting against every tempt of compromise with the slogans, "Withdraw unjust dismissals, no to privatization" "Crush neo-liberal offensive"; an education worker proudly reported his struggle to refuse to stand up for Kimigayo in front of Hinomaru, and a public service worker described how he fought back administrative attempt of introducing job-evaluation system in his workplace.
The rally made clear that young workers are now appearing on the stage of class struggle as main character to change the existing situation of anti-war/anti-nuke movement under the influence of corrupt labor movement leadership. Their keywords are: "Only revolution can abolish war and nuke once for all. We rise up for it" "It is us, young workers, that change the whole world". 
Mr. TAKIGUCHI Makoto, executive committee member of Doro-Chiba, made a closing address with a call for general mobilization for November Workers' Rally.