August 28, 2008

Militant demonstration in Nagasaki on August 9: Presence of Prime Minister Fukuda at remembrance ceremony condemned

On August 9, the day of the atomic bombing on Nagasaki, a protest demonstration was organized to denounce Prime Minister Fukuda who was attending the Nagasaki ceremony of commemorating the atomic bombing. Fukuda was accompanied by KYUMA, ex-Defense Minister who had commented that the US atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were to be admitted. Fukuda administration of Japanese Imperialism and ruling politicians are promoting nuclear armament policy on the one hand and are bringing about day by day desperate situation on the other hand where workers, especially young workers can no longer live. The demonstrators raised angry voices against those politicians who are driving for war with an attempt of nuclear armament.
  Prior to the demonstration, a rally was held in the adjoining park to the official ceremony spot. Workers, students and anti-war activists, including Ms. Arlene Inouye from US (she is a leading activist of CAMS and belongs to UTLA), expressed their determination to keep fighting. Ms. Arlene Inouye stressed among other things the importance of international solidarity.