February 3, 2009

Down with Obama administration, enemy of working class

Down with Obama administration, enemy of working class
Our answer to the economic crisis is revolution, not rescue of capitalism

1) Class struggle of US and world over has entered a decisive stage by the start of the Obama administration. In his inaugural address, Barak Obama stressed above all on the vital and crucial task of rescuing capitalism, or US imperialism, out of ruin. The core of Obama's speech was that he demanded workers take responsibility and accept sacrifices for the rescue of capitalism. He proclaimed a total confrontation with proletarian revolution, recalling the US experience to "face down communism".

2) He thus declared war on working class of US and the world over as well as oppressed nations and people. This declaration is an expression of desperate attempts of US imperialism in death agony, threatened by rapid ripening of worldwide revolutionary situation under aggravating world economic crisis. All bourgeoisie of the world with Japanese imperialists at its forefront are joining in a reactionary chorus in support of the Obama administration, praising him as he deceitfully argues that the United States can get over the current economic crisis, gathering all the nation's power in rescue of big corporations through labor-capital cooperation.

3) Let's fight back in mounting anger against the Obama administration by an all-out offensive of working class. The life of capitalism has already finished. There is no remedy for the current worldwide economic crisis. Capitalism is now plunging headfirst into a terrible catastrophe, total social collapse and war. Only way for working people to live is to turn the crisis into a proletarian world revolution. Kick out counter-revolutionary Obama administration! Let's open up a vista for a victorious world revolution through defeating desperate attempts of capitalism, or imperialism in death agony by the united power of international working class.

Obama administration, the last resort of US imperialism in fear of intensifying class antagonism
4) The inauguration ceremony of Barak Obama was dramatically produced to establish a national unity. Obama called upon all the people of US to be united for the interest of the state, that is, USA, at their cost and sacrifice, shouting that the USA confronted a major national crisis. In a word, he requested that working class abandons its class interest to be incorporated in a national state to defend a single interest of financial monopoly capitalists as a common duty that "we do not grudgingly accept but seize gladly".

5) This is what is really meant by the key words in his address: "a new era of responsibility" "the spirit of service" "selflessness of workers". It reveals, however, the US society is being violently disrupted by uncompromising antagonism. The overall explosion of the worldwide financial crisis has exposed underlying contradictions of capitalist society based on wage slavery system. Labor and capital are now diametrically confronting each other in a life-and-death battle. Under growing thereat of proletarian revolution, US imperialists headed by Obama are screaming out patriotism and national appeasement between labor and capital to avert this extreme danger.

6) Let's look at what is actually happening in the name of "one USA". While a huge sum of state fund (squeezed from working people) has been poured into big banks and corporations, such as City group and Big Three, workers are under brutal attack of discharge and restructuring. A report of CNN named January 26 as a 'bloody Monday', when 75,000 jobs were destroyed in a single day.

7) The number of unemployment in the US has already surpassed 11million and is still growing. Low wage even below starvation level is being forced; houses are taken away, and dismantling of Social Security, health care and pension, are ruthlessly going on.
The reality is that a class war has been declared. The Obama administration is called up as a last resort to meet a pressing demand of US ruling class in crisis to win the class war between capitalist class and working class, developing more and more into a fierce battle between revolution and counter-revolution like in 1930's. Barak Obama is in its true nature an incarnation of counter-revolution in the USA today.

Block Obama's support of Israeli massacre in Gaza and his war policy to expand aggression
8) The Obama administration is intensifying not only class war at home but also aggressive war abroad. In his first official foreign policy speech on January 22, Obama made no mention of the Gaza massacre at all. Instead he stated, "I'll make it clear that US is determined to defend the right of self-defense of Israel". He thus openly expressed his support of Israeli raids on Gaza. It is quite outrageous. He is further intending to disarm Hamas and to continue blocking Gaza strip 'as indispensable condition for peace in Middle East'. Together with Israeli government he is even planning a fresh attack on Palestine.

9) The Obama administration has decided to dispatch additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to double the number of US troops there, while postponing his pledge in election to withdraw troops from Iraq for 16 month ahead. Robert Gates, defense secretary of the ex-Bush administration, remains in his office under Barak Obama and is assigned to execute rollback policy in Iraq and Afghanistan. 'Smart power' of Obama in place of 'hard power' of Bush is nothing but a more outrageous, wicked and cruel continuation and escalation of aggressive war policy in a hazardous way to be developed all over Middle East as well as West and Central Asia and eventually to the whole area of Asia.

Inevitable Bankruptcy of the Obama administration and approaching revolutionary situation
10) The Obama administration and his aggressive policy are destined from the outset to go bankrupt. His only weapon is boasting in a demagogic and deceitful way to give illusion among people. He has a foot in both camps: in a camp of imperialist bourgeoisie; and in another camp of system-friendly corrupt labor leadership of AFL-CIO and other labor currents as well as liberal forces. His real intention is to carry out class interest of US capitalists to the utmost under the guise of Bonapartist who pretends to stand aloof from the two camps.

11) However, as the worldwide economic crisis aggravates day by day and world revolutionary situation rapidly ripens, Obama will be driven into a corner where there is no room for playing acrobat any further. Miserable failure of the Obama administration will decisively accelerate explosion of proletarian revolution in the US.
Imitating the New Deal policy of Roosevelt in 1930's, Obama names his policy 'Green New Deal' and put it as a magic wand to save US economy from crisis. "Public investment of 820 billion dollar in two years" and "creation of 3 or 4 million jobs" - this is his crisis policy. We know, however, very well that the recovery of US economy from the Great Depression in 1929 was not attained by carrying out the New Deal. The turmoil in 1930's ended up after all in the outbreak of World War II and US participation in it. In contrast to the US economy of those days, huge fiscal deficit is now weighting heavily and USA is actually a bankrupt state. Headlong rush of the Obama administration will trigger crash of Dollar and finally effectuate total collapse of US imperialism.

12) Militant US working class is rising up for struggle in a full-scale confrontation with the Obama administration. On the forefront are the workers of the West coast who shut down all the harbors there on the May Day last year. On January 10, in defiance of the brake put on by the corrupt labor leaders, the power of rank and file workers was manifested in demonstrations in San Francisco and other important cities in the US to protest against Israeli raids on Gaza.
Let's launch a fresh offensive of Japanese working class for the victory of world revolution in solidarity with the international upsurge.
Let's organize a powerful simultaneous world wide demonstration on March 20 with the following slogans: Down with the Obama administration; fight for general strike, demanding, "We must live" and rise up for international anti-war struggle!