June 20, 2009 9:30 AM

Appeal to June 14 and 15 Rallies from detention


Appeal to June 14 and 15 Rallies from detention

ODA Yosuke, president of Zengakuren (All Japan Federation of Student Autonomous Bodies)

 On March 14 three years ago, I was arrested for my protest action against the Hosei University administration that took away students’ notice boards quite abruptly and one-sidedly without any consultation. The same university administration that had asked the police to assault on protesting students three years ago, now delivered students to police for damaging university’s notice boards.

 I call on you, all those students who want to live a genuine human life, to raise your angry voice against this brutal act of Hosei University administration. What was written on the notice board of the University administration that was allegedly damaged by protesting students? The university notice boards announced the prohibition of entrance into the campus of those students who were expelled from the university for their activity to demand freedom of speech on campus and also who could not afford to pay expensive university fees. Their names were published on the notice boards and exposed to general public.

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June 18, 200912:12 PM

June 14 and 15 successive struggle powerfully carried out in Tokyo by 2100 workers and students

June 14 and 15 successive struggle powerfully carried out in Tokyo by 2100 workers and students


Down with reactionary Aso administration of war and massive unemployment!

Stop repression on Hosei University students by “Violence Punishment Law”!
Reinstate 1047 national railway workers!
Abolish Workers’ Dispatch Law!


 On June 14 (Photo Gallery)and 15(Photo Gallery), successive struggle was carried out in Tokyo to denounce the repression on Hosei University students and declared to kick out Aso administration. 2100 workers and students participated on June 14 in a big rally and a powerful street demonstration in Shibuya, downtown Tokyo. The next day, June 15, Hosei University, a “prison university”, was surrounded by 1200 students and also workers who, in spite of workday, took day off to join the struggle. The action was led by the fighting Hosei students who were released after 23 days’ unjust detention without being indicted.

 1200 workers and students surrounded Hosei University on June 15


 On June 15, the struggle was started by a speech of brother TANAKA Yasuhiro, president of Doro-Chiba (National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba), in front of the workers and students who gathered in a park adjoining Hosei University. He denounced the university administration and the state power that arrested 110 students and indicted 30 out of them in three years and insisted that the whole Japanese society and the world should know this outrageous and unjust repression. He warned that the rotten and ferocious character of the neo-liberal policy was exposed by the current repression on student movement by the pre-war imperial law (the Law Concerning the Punishment of Physical Violence and Others of 1926) and praised the arrested students who are fighting in detention keeping complete silence during the brutal police interrogation. He closed his speech by calling for solidarity with courageous students and declaring to continue fighting to liberate Hosei University. Demonstration headed for the university.
 What the demonstrators witnessed, when they reached the main gate of the campus, was a besieged university. The campus was totally locked out by the university administration to separate Hosei students from the demonstrators. All gates were closed excepting a narrow and small back door entrance to shut out students from entering the main campus square. Window shades were pulled down in every window to prevent the view. It was lunchtime and there was no student to be seen on campus. Only university staffs and guards were walking round there. On the street in front of the university, a squad of riot police was posted in a great number. In spite of these repressive measures, some students were watching the protesters from the rooftop and sending V-sign message to them. The university under siege indicates how the university administration fears the outburst of t he anger of 30,000 Hosei students who could join the struggle.
A protest rally was held just in front of the university main gate with mounting anger to denounce the university administration. “This is a prison university whose name is Hosei! What’s this barricade for” “In the past three years they have deprived us of everything except one thing. That is our unity.” The angry voices of speakers echoed through the campus.
The second wave of demonstration to surround the university marched on the street chanting, “Liberate Hosei University!” “Fight in unity to win!”

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January 4, 2009 6:14 PM

Denounce Israeli air raid on Gaza! Demonstration in Tokyo

We denounce Israeli air raid on Gaza!
Overthrow capitalist rule!
New Year demonstration in downtown Tokyo
On January 3, a demonstration sponsored by the National Coordinating Center of Labor Unions was carried out in Shibuya, downtown Tokyo, with slogans: "Join us in the January 8 demonstration to stop slashing dispatched workers! Down with Nihon-Keidanren (National Corporate Organization)" "We denounce Israeli air raid on Gaza!" By an emergency call, 160 participants rallied, including those dispatched workers who got recently fired and signed up for the latest street campaign against slashing of dispatched workers.

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August 28, 200811:15 AM

Anti-war/Anti-nuke Rally in Nagasaki on August 8 very successful with Arlene Inouye

Anti-war/Anti-nuke Rally in Nagasaki on August 8 in commemoration of the 63rd year since the atomic bombing on Nagasaki was held with 115 workers and students. An excited atmosphere filled Nagasaki Labor Welfare Hall.
 Highlight of the rally was a speech of Ms. Arlene Inouye of CAMS. She spoke of confidence gained by her direct action that drove out military recruiters from school together with her colleagues and of her belief that workers should play a central role in fighting for peace and justice. She encouragingly proclaimed: "You all have a power to change the world!"

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June 30, 2008 6:32 PM

June 29 Shibuya demonstration broke up police guard for G8 Summit

    On June 29, National Anti-G8 Summit National Workers' Rally under the auspices of Doro-Chiba was successfully carried out with 2150 participants. The Metropolitan Police Department banned the demonstration in front of Shibuya railway station and surrounded the rally with a large number of riot police. However, their attempt to suppress the united power of angry workers completely failed.

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June 29, 2008 5:02 PM

Fight back against G8-Summit of war and poverty! Workers of the World, Unite!

 The world is in a revolutionary situation

Why are our wages so low? Why are our livings, livings of workers in such poverty?
Because capitalists are getting unprecedented gains, replacing full-time workers by temporary ones. They are making large profits, speculating on grain and oil. They are completely responsible for state of things today.
People of the world are getting angry. There are demonstrations and strikes everyday and everywhere: public sector workers in England, education workers in France, post and traffic workers in Germany, and health workers in Denmark etc. There are also food riots everywhere in the world, in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as in the Middle East.
It’s high time to demonstrate our strength to Bush, Fukuda and the capitalists of the world.

 War, disparity and poverty――enough is enough! 

“Smash G8!”――this is the slogan of the working class. Let’s concentrate our anger to this point!
The Presidents and Prime ministers of the US, the UK, France, Japan and so on gather at a hotel at Lake Tohya in Hokkaido on July 7-10 to hold a G8-Summit.
G8-Summit and the working class are incompatible. The Iraqi War, existence and increase of working poor, privatization, dismantling of health care and pension systems, starvation and destruction of environment――all these things are their works from which we suffer extremely. Let’s smash the G8-Summit by united action of the working class!

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