Stop Japan-US Aggressive War Drive in North Korea, China & Middle East!

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Anti Wartime Bills Appeal (June 15, 2002)

In Solidarity with Asian and Palestinian peoples

Stop Japan-US Aggressive War Drive in North Korea, China & Middle East !

JRCL (Japan Revolutionary Communist League [Chukakuha])

Fight Resolutely against the Wartime Bills (“National Emergency Legislation”)!

It is a decisive class battle.

The Koizumi Government submitted the set of “emergency bills” under the pretext of “responding to foreign attacks”. But who is preparing armed attacks now? It is evident for everybody that the US and Japan are the very agent of war in the Middle East, Afghanistan and in the rest of the world. Japanese imperialists are aiming at waging aggressive war against the Asian countries, namely North Korea and China in cooperation and in competition with the US imperialism.

The Wartime Bills (“National Emergency Legislation”) openly declare “use of force” which is forbidden under Article 9 of the Constitution, and give the Prime Minister absolute powers to mobilize total population in aggressive war. And, for this aim, to restrict basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution in a situation in which military attacks are only “anticipated”. It makes Japan a despotic war state like the Great Japanese Empire or the German Reich under Hitler.

The aim of the Wartime Bills is to make Japan once again a state capable of aggressive war, breaking with the postwar Japanese development under the war-renouncing Constitution. Japanese imperialism, deep in prolonged economic stagnation and confronted with the brutal war drive of the US for the world hegemony with manifest intention of competing against Japan, is rushing to become a military power in order to secure its sphere of influence in Asia. The warships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force have already been dispatched in the Indian Sea. We face now a watershed of the history.

Never again Japanese military invasion upon Asia!

This legislation is an open declaration to launch once again imperialist war of aggression on Korea and China. We Japanese working class and people are requested not to repeat an unpardonable history of war and invasion upon Asia and to smash imperialist war drive in solidarity with the people in Asia

Already the labor unions of the workers of land, sea, air and harbor have issued appeals to refuse to kill or to be killed in an imperialist war. These are joined by fighting railway workers, Doro-Chiba (National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba) and Kokuro-Tosodan (Fighting Corps of unlawfully discharged National Railway workers) with its forefront, peasants in Sanrizuka opposing the Narita Airport and people in Okinawa and vast sections of population. We are firmly determined to crush the imperialist attempt of enforcing the Wartime Bills to fulfill our duty to respond to the cause of the anti-US guerrilla warfare of Sept. 11 and to the struggle of the Palestinian people fighting against the US and Zionists.

End US aggressive war in Middle East and Afghanistan!

We denounce the massacre in Jenin!
Full support to the struggle of Palestinian people!
Stop US aggressive war in Afghanistan!
Solidarity with the fighting people in Islamic countries!
Stop Japan-US aggressive war drive in North Korea and China!
Crush world war scheme of the Bush Administration!

For the revival of militant, revolutionary workers' movement!

International solidarity of the working class against capitalist offensive!

Stop discrimination against the people staying in Japan of all the oppressed nations!

End imperialist chauvinism and national oppression!
Stop strengthening the immigration control!
Fight together for the defense of the national right, life and culture of the oppressed countries!

For the Victory of Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Stalinist, Proletarian World Revolution!

Build a revolutionary workers' party based on Marxism and Leninism!
Workers and oppressed nations of the whole world, unite!

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1-12-7 Matsue
132-0025 Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo


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