Statement from A.N.S.W.E.R.

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The anti-war movement in the United States and the ANSWER Coalition greet the movement of youth, students and working people and all peace-loving people living in Japan.

Sixty-one years ago the rulers of our countries led our peoples into a murderous world war. That war ended when the United States made criminal use of weapons of mass destruction against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We must never allow this to happen again to any people.

This week we and others in Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Spain are demonstrating to stop the war on Iraq before it starts.

President Bush has given many reasons why the Pentagon should attack Iraq and kill tens of thousands of Iraqi people. But these reasons are all lies.

The truth is Bush plans to attack because the U.S. rulers want to seize Iraq’s oil. The truth is Bush plans to attack to turn Iraq back into a colony. The truth is Bush plans to attack so that U.S. business interests control the flow of energy to the world. The truth is Bush plans to attack Iraq and keep U.S. military forces in Iraq just as the U.S. has kept troops in Japan and in Korea for over a half-century.

The Bush administration has admitted in its “National Security Strategy” statement that the Pentagon plans wars so that the U.S. dominates every region of the world – politically, militarily and economically.

Washington plans to make war to build an Empire with United States imperialism as the ruler of the world.

We in the anti-war movement of the United States want to send you a clear message: We, the people of the United States, oppose this war. We refuse to be the cannon fodder for an Empire.

We told the U.S. Congress by 100 to 1 that we oppose the war. But the politicians voted to support Bush’s war. We see also that the no governments of world powers, not even the United Nations will resist Bush’s drive toward war.

We have learned that we cannot depend on the politicians. We cannot depend on the rulers of other world powers. We can depend only on ourselves—the youth, students and workers of all colors and nationalities. We are the only force that can stop the war, we in the center of the Empire and the people all around the world.

Long live international solidarity!

U.S. troops out of Korea and Japan!

No war on Iraq!