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Smash Emergency Bills !

Oct. 21, 2002
JRCL (Japan Revolutionary Communist League [Chukaku-ha])

New War on Iraq - Beginning of an Era of World War III

US Armed Forces are now rushing to the Middle East to commit an unprecedented cruelty upon Iraqi people using depleted uranium, cluster bombs and other means of massive slaughter. US imperialists openly claim "a regime change" in gross violation of Iraqi right to national self-determination through devastating air raids and ground battles in whole Iraq and in Baghdad. Even "preemptive nuclear strike" is a key element of the publicly stated US military strategy. We must by all means stop this slaughter.

In the Gulf War, 200 thousands Iraqis were killed and numerous Iraqis have been still suffering from pollution of depleted uranium. Thereafter, 1.6 million Iraqis lost their lives during decade long sanctions and repeated bombings, half of the victims being children. US imperialism is now inflicting far more atrocious suffering on Iraqis. The Bush Doctrine of Sept. 20 declares that the US strategy is based on "a distinctly American internationalism that reflects the union of our values and our national interests" - i.e. "US values and interests alone must determine the fate of the whole world" - and it "will not hesitate to act alone" to promote its distinctly American interests "by acting preemptively." This war drive is at the same time a fierce intensification of inter-imperialist rivalry to monopolize petroleum resources and "geopolitical" positions. This is a road to invasive wars against North Korea and China and World War III.

Flagrantly unjust war on Iraq is an expression of death agony of US imperialism. Basic contradictions of imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, have already been revealed by commencement of the New Great Depression. The guerrilla attacks of Sept. 11 showed oppressed nations' fervent indignation against US imperialism and determination and energy for national liberation. There is no option for bankrupt imperialism, but violent capitalist offensive against working class, escalation of inter-imperialist rivalry, neo-colonialist war and world war. Workers and peoples of the world can survive only through an overthrow of imperialism.

Stop Chauvinist Campaign and Invasive War on North Korea !

Japanese imperialism is aiming at revision of the anti-terrorism law and emergency legislation in order to participate in the new war on Iraq in cooperation and in competition with the US and to prepare a war against North Korea (and China). Koizumi's visit to Pyongyang was a historical step toward this war. US and Japanese imperialism have been exerting extreme pressure on North Korea. Japanese imperialism are fueling chauvinistic hate against North Korea and preparing war on it, capitalizing anti-people policies of North Korean Stalinists and utterly denying Japanese historical responsibility for imperialist crimes including abduction of 6 million Koreans. The emergency bills are aimed at the war against North Korea. In the joint declaration Kim Jong Il renounced indemnity or damages for Japanese colonial rule and aggressive war. As a Stalinist, betrayer of world revolution and national liberation, Kim Jong Il sold out the historical rights of Korean people. In Solidarity with struggling Korean People, let us turn US-Japanese aggressive war on North Korea into civil war!

In Solidarity with struggling Palestinian, Iraqi and Middle Eastern people, let us turn the new war on Iraq into an international civil war!

In Solidarity with the October 26 March in the USA, gather in the International Anti-War Day Rally of Oct. 21!

Rise up for Anti-Imperialist Anti-Stalinist World Revolution!

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