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Message of Support from The Stop The War Coalition in UK

The Stop The War Coalition in the UK sends our warmest greeting to all the people demonstrating today in Japan.

You are one of l00 cities around the world who are taking to the streets to say to George W Bush and Tony Blair that any attack on Iraq will not be in our name as this will result in many thousands of innocent Iraqi's being killed. We also believe that the only reason that they will attack Iraq is in order to control the vast reserves of oil that it possesses.

The 15th of February will be a historic day around the world and we would like to thank the people of Japan for taking a strong stance in the anti war movement

Together we will make February the 15th a day that George W Bush and Tony Blair cannot ignore and also a day when the Iraqi people win put on their television and See that they are not alone.

John Rees

Stop The War Coalition UK


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