Stop US-Japanese Military Retaliation!

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Weekly “Zenshin” No.2022 Top Appeal (September 15, 2001)

Statement from Japan Revolutionary Communist League on the anti-US guerrilla warfare of Sept. 11 (9/15/2001)

Stop US-Japanese Military Retaliation!

Confront Impending World War III!

Workers and Oppressed Nations of the World,
Unite for a World Revolution against Imperialism and Stalinism!

Smash the Emergency Legislation and the Revision of the Constitution by the Koizumi Administration!

September 11, a deep-rooted indignation of the oppressed nations exploded against US imperialism. US imperialism, the ruler of the world's financial and stock market, and trade and industry, is the major source of the impending world war and the world's leading culprit of neocolonial domination - exploitation, plundering and slaughtering of the oppressed nations. These events have ruthlessly revealed to the whole world that the imperialist ruling classes of the world have been so violently and arrogantly behaved to Arab, Korean, and Chinese people... and all the peoples of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We must first of all face up to the insufferable pain and distress inflicted by the imperialists upon them and their intensive and profound anger against imperialists. We, the workers and peoples of the imperialist countries, must at the same time realize their desperate distrust of us and a serious question presented by the events of Sept. 11: how long should the imperialist evil deeds be admitted and why until today the working class and people of the imperialist countries have not decisively risen up to overthrow their own ruling classes, i.e., imperialist regimes - the very cause of war and national and ethnic problems. We, workers and people, must look again and again the deep roots of the events of Sept. 11 squarely and sincerely. At the same time we must make a breakthrough for a genuine emancipation of the united working class and oppressed nations, getting over these events fundamentally.

Now, therefore, we appeal wholeheartedly for a struggle:
Overthrow Imperialism and Stalinism - causes of neocolonial domination and war!
Working Class and the Oppressed Nations All Over the World, Unite!
For a World Revolution against Imperialism and Stalinism!
Let's rise up, in firm solidarity with oppressed nations, against US imperialist attempt of suppressing Palestinian people and of waging aggressive war in Middle East!
Stop war drive of US-Japanese imperialists against China and Korea!
No World War III!
Prevent military revenge against Afghanistan and Arab countries!
In all-out struggle in this fall, smash Koizumi's attempt of participating in US aggressive war; smash governmental drive for a war state - revision of the Constitution, emergency legislation, and capital's offensive against labor.

Viewpoint of Working Class Is Essential

Although exact facts are still unknown, we must make it clear that the events of Sept. 11 are in essence an all-out resolute guerrilla warfare against US imperialism waged by the oppressed people determined to death. We should by no means blame this guerrilla warfare without seriously facing up to their appeal. It must be noted intensely that the oppressed nations have been suffering cruel persecution and violent discrimination and that every contradiction of imperialism has been shifted onto them. We should first of all receive the events of Sept. 11 as an accusation of the oppressed nations against us posing grave questions whether we, working class and people in oppressing countries, regard as contemporaries sufferings and hardships in the oppressed nations as our own. We should overcome our obscured and distorted state of class-consciousness under the influence of prevailing imperialist ideology. To understand the class character of the events of Sept. 11 we must establish a viewpoint of working class.

Suffering and Anger of Oppressed Nations

First, Japan Revolutionary Communist League wants to make clear that the events are a huge explosion of the anger of the oppressed nations around the world against US imperialism.

1991, US imperialism set war on Iraq (Gulf War), killing a tremendous number of Iraqi people, and until 1999 the US together with other imperialist powers committed indiscriminate massacre in Yugoslavia, only to quote a few examples of the last decade.

The Bush administration escalates these slaughters in much more overt way. Pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, threatening cancellation of the ABM Treaty, and stating to withdraw from the CTBT, the Bush administration is promoting the Missile Defense program with the sole purpose of US imperialist survival. It has been still imposing the economic sanction on Afghanistan and Iraq and continually bombing Iraq. It has withdrawn from the World Conference against Racism together with Israel whose military invasion into Palestinian Territories are accused by the Conference and supported by the US. The US is exercising veto to prevent UN resolution on the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967. Israel invades repeatedly into the Palestinian territories with sophisticated weapons delivered by the US or developed with US technical assistance, assassinating Mr. Abu Ali Mustafa, general secretary of PFLP, putting the West Bank under control with armored forces. In face of a new wave of Intifada since last September Israel have been responding stone-throwing Palestinians with artillery; suicide attacks with massive missile bombardments. All of these atrocities have been executed by the Sharon regime, which developed a policy of provocative hostility with the Palestinian people under the pretext of the war on terrorism.

It is US imperialism that has been suppressing and slaughtering people of Arab countries in this region, using Israel as its aggressive spearhead and with the US forces stationed in the reactionary Arab countries. Since the end of World War II the US have been thus behaving as the ruler of the Middle East.

The Bush administration claims American monopoly of democracy and justice and application of American laws to the rest of the world; it represents imperialist arrogance much more overtly than any preceding administrations. In reality, no country better deserves the name of “archenemy of democracy” than the US. The oppressed nations of the world including Palestinians and the Middle Eastern people are completely entitled to attack US imperialism with anger and hatred.

How should then the working class of the imperialist countries consider the heavy loss of lives, serious injuries and damage inflicted by the events of Sept. 11? Especially the US working class is urgently required to give an answer to this trying question.

The imperialist powers have been violently dominating over the oppressed nations of the world, disregarding oppressed nations' wrath, grief and enormous energy for self-emancipation. Especially the USA, the sole political, military and economic superpower of the world, has been persecuting Palestinian people, using Israel as its agent and invading into smaller countries. Is it nevertheless possible that the US goes unpunished and lead an exceptionally peaceful and prosperous life?

We must say that on Sept. 11 the US got natural punishment for its historical crime of devastating the oppressed nations and contempt for them. Responsible is above all Bush himself as the head of US imperialism.

We as Japanese working class ask our friends, the American working class, to receive our following message:
You are faced with an ordeal of unprecedented deep sorrow and pain at the loss of your fellow workers' lives. At the same time, you are required to face up to innumerable injustices committed by US imperialism to the people of the whole world. We call on you wholeheartedly to rise up, overcoming this ordeal, in solidarity with the oppressed nations for a decisive struggle to overthrow US imperialism, the major bastion of the reactionary forces of the world and your own ruling class.

Impending World War III

Second, we want to make clear that the real causes of the events of Sept. 11 are US and international imperialism and their consistent war policy and ever-growing war system. These should be stopped and crushed. Imperialist countries are pursuing more and more desperately buildup of exclusive spheres of influence for their survival and struggle each other more and more fiercely for repartition of the globe, plunging into aggression against oppressed nations, finally resulting in a war between imperialist powers. Overthrow of imperialism must be the shared objective of the working class and people of the whole world.

Imperialists say, “freedom is challenged by a new type of war.” Others say “ascending cycle of retaliation” and so on. These statements are totally wrong. First and foremost, incessant US imperialist war of aggression, its neocolonial domination and a gigantic worldwide violence of US imperialism are the major sources of war. It is the US that is provoking a “new war.”

The world imperialism with the US and Japan on its heads is going through a death agony, in fear of emerging another Great Depression. The once prevailed “New Economy” has gone down; bubble economy on IT has burst; crisis of finance capital is aggravating. Accumulated inherent contradiction of imperialist economic structure, surplus capital and surplus productive forces are pressing hard on the imperialist world economy. As an exit from this fatal crisis the US economy is inclined more and more to change its structure into wartime economy, depending on military industry. This trend produces inevitably a ferocious drive for a world war. Actually the Bush administration propagates: “punish rogue states” “prevent future threats” and actually building up worldwide Missile Defense with People's Republic of China - a Stalinist state - as the major strategic target. US imperialism is reshaping an overall system of aggressive war, that is, a nuclear war system.

On the other hand the US, admitting the failure of the Middle East “peace process” since the Gulf War of 1991 - US aggression on Iraq and other countries in the region --, has recently decided a violent turn in the Middle East policy: to liquidate Palestine with Israel as spearhead and to reestablish US domination over the Middle East and its oil resources. It constitutes new US strategy of world domination, which inevitably provoke world war III.

The fundamental facts are:
(1) After the collapse of the USSR, a Stalinist regime, the Postwar World System has been on the way of disintegration; conflicts among imperialist powers are intensifying for endless antagonism;
(2) On the other hand, remaining Stalinist countries - the P.R of China e.t.c. - and former Stalinist countries - Russia e.t.c. - have been escalating their reactionary policy of “transformation into capitalist system” and causing unprecedented confusion and crisis; and
(3) Toward those Stalinist as well as ex-Stalinist countries with their vast territory, imperialist powers are taking a two-way policy of integration and violent overthrow. This policy is intensifying the worldwide confrontations.

From the foregoing facts we draw the following conclusion:
Those conflicts and confrontations inevitably lead to world war III as far as imperialism remains imperialism.

We call on all the people of the world to confront the impending crisis of world war III. Let us rise up with indignation for a struggle aiming at proletarian world revolution against imperialism and Stalinism as well as former Stalinist countries.

Stop Exercising of “Right of Collective Defense”!

Third, we appeal to workers and people around the world that the US, European and Japanese imperialist military aggression under the pretext of “retaliation” must be stopped by all means.

“The United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly act,” spoke Bush, “we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these attacks and those who harbor them;” and there had been “an act of war.” A statement of a gross injustice indeed! US imperialism under Bush decided to carry out a most shameless aggressive war, insisting “the exercise of the right of national self-defense against an act of war” without any evidence or even with frame-up.

In 1998, Clinton made cruise missile strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan without any evidence. Following this example, Bush made a de facto declaration of war to Arab countries or Afghanistan - declaration of an unjust aggressive war.

In response to Bush's war drive Koizumi states “democracy is seriously challenged;” “we strongly support the US;” “the criminals have to be pursued;” “retaliation is quite right;” “it is time to consider dispatching the Self Defense Forces to defend US military facilities.” The National Security Council chaired by Koizumi has decided on Sept. 12 to put the Army, Navy, and Air Forces on their highest state of alert and to hasten emergency legislation so as to be enacted in the extraordinary session of the Diet scheduled to be convened on Sept. 27. The Council also confirmed to strengthen the Japan-US Alliance and Japanese military support for the US. Koizumi, keeping pace with Bush, has declared, “we are in a war time” and suggested the present situation as “situation in areas surrounding Japan”, trying to establish an emergency footing in advance.

The European imperialist countries reacted quickly and decided to exercise the right of collective self-defense stipulated in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty to assist the US for the first time in its history. Now Japanese imperialism is fearful of being thrown out of competition among imperialist powers if Japan still hold on the foreign policy as before. That is the reason why the Koizumi administration has decided to exercise “the right of collective self-defense”, i.e., to use military force abroad. This decision means a springboard for strengthening the Japan-US Security Alliance, launching military operation abroad and thus revises the Constitution. Japanese imperialism regards the events of Sept. 11 as an opportunity to transform Japan into a state capable of war mobilization. This is the forefront of Koizumi's “Structural Reform without Sanctuaries”.

Japanese support of the US war and Japanese participation in an aggressive war, cooperation with the US imperialist war of retaliation must be crushed. It brings inevitably escalation of the present system under the New Defense Guideline and exercising of “the right of self-defense.” We should never allow Japanese imperialism to attack Palestinian and other Arab people, all the people in the Middle East.
Smash Koizumi government together with its “Structural Reform without Sanctuaries”!


Where lies the road for a veritable emancipation of the working class and oppressed nations all over the world? We must seriously receive and face up to the message delivered by the guerilla warfare of Sept. 11. At the same time, we consider it necessary to point out that the events of Sept. 11 can not bring about a veritable emancipation of the people. The reason why we think so is that the guerilla war of Sept. 11 does not place the existence and struggle of the US working class, which should be revolutionary fighters of overthrowing the US imperialism, of carrying out the proletarian world revolution and therefore should be friends of the oppressed nations of the world. The guerilla warfare of Sept. 11 can not bring forth a revolutionary perspective for the victory of the oppressed nations. What is needed for fighting vanguards of oppressed nations is to struggle for unity with the working class of the imperialist countries in fundamental belief in their revolutionary ability, appealing for their uprising. On the other hand we, the working class of the imperialist countries are required to face sincerely sufferings and indignation of the oppressed nations caused by imperialism, to struggle to wipe out distrust of us by oppressed nations, regain their confidence and to achieve genuine solidarity with them - to attain the substance of solidarity with consciousness of blood debt we owe them.

Only road to the veritable emancipation is overthrow of the whole structure of the world today under imperialist domination headed by the US and under counterrevolutionary influence of remaining and former Stalinist countries - in a word, world revolution against imperialism and Stalinism. This is the realization of the proletarian revolution in today's world basing itself on Marxism and Leninism. It is imperative now to achieve firm solidarity among the working class and the oppressed people of the whole world under the strategy and platform of world revolution against imperialism and Stalinism.

We declare here with fresh determination to rise up for an all-out struggle to overthrow US and Japanese imperialism as well as Stalinism in firm solidarity with the oppressed nations.

It is evident that US imperialism will be smashed by the power of the working class and people. Bush emphasizes that the USA is a strong country, but we remember he confessed immediately after the events that the backbone of the USA had been crushed. It is evident that the US policy toward the Middle East had fundamentally failed.

Furthermore, the US economy is going through a violent fall of the dollar value and stock market, which deteriorate already collapsed bubble economy. In the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market on Sept. 12, the Nikkei 225 Index sank below 10,000 Yen and TOPIX also declined under 1,000. Violent impact of the events of Sept. 11 is far reaching and accelerates the explosion of the inherent contradiction of imperialism. The myth of US super power and the belief in omnipotence of imperialism have finally collapsed.

Imperialism faces now at the beginning of the 21st century a crisis of historical decline. The last moment of imperialism is drawing near.

It is the unified power of the working class and the oppressed people that has determined the course of the world history. Remember the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the national liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people from 1950's to 1970's. Leninist thought, strategy, platform and practice have been revived in the Revolutionary Communist Movement against imperialism and Stalinism. This new movement will surely open up the road for a revolution of the 21st century.

Our urgent tasks of this year is as follows:
(1) Let's bring this statement of JRCL into all working people! Let's rise up for the antiwar rally of Sept. 23!
(2) Organize the National Rally of Workers on Nov. 11 opposing to counterrevolutionary Koizumi government.
Let's fight for a new class-struggle-oriented labor movement to defeat violent capital's offensive, overthrowing class-collaborationist Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) and Fascist union JR Soren!
(3) Gather to the Sanrizuka Rally and demonstration on Oct.7. Crush governmental attempt of constructing provisionary runway of Narita Airport!
(4) Smash planned Bush-Koizumi Talk on Oct. 16 and 17; rise up for the Antiwar Rally on Oct. 21 as nationwide united action!
(5) For the success of the national convention of the National Railway Workers' Union on Oct. 13 and 14 for the victory of the unflinching struggle of National Railway workers against the “Four Party Agreement”, defending “TOSODAN” (Fighting Corps of unlawfully discharged National Railway workers)!
For the success of the Nov. 11 Workers' Rally!
(6) Stop legislation of the Emergency Law in the Extraordinary Session of the Diet in October and November and Revision of the Constitution! ZENGAKUREN will be on the forefront of the struggle. Crush reactionary Education Reform and revision of the Fundamental Law on Education.

Let's fight together with us for the World Revolution against imperialism and Stalinism. Join JRCL!

Our revised current slogans of September 23 are:

Stop US, Japanese and European imperialists' military retaliation against Afghanistan and the people in the Middle East!

Prevent Koizumi Administration from dispatching Self Defense Forces to the aggressive war!

Crush drive for World War III by international antiwar struggle!

Workers and Oppressed Nations of the World, Unite for a World Revolution against Imperialism and Stalinism!

Editorial Notes:

1 “situation in areas surrounding Japan”: a phraseology intentionally made obscure in The Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation of 1997 (the New Defense Guidelines) which means a contingency in which Japanese Self Defense Forces carry out de facto military operations in defiance of the provisions of the Constitution prohibiting such activities.

2 Officially, the administrations preceding Koizumi's has repeatedly explained: “Japanese Self Defense Forces is constitutional, because their use is limited to the strictly defensive operations against enemy attacks on Japan; however, the right of collective self-defense - the right of counterattack against an attack to a foreign country - is unconstitutional.”
The current Constitution has been the major legal framework representing the inter-imperialist and class relations since the defeat of Japanese imperialism in World War II; Article 9 thereof stipulates:
“... the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.”

3 “Four Party Agreement”: an agreement made between government coalition parties and the Social Democratic party on May 30, 2000, which justifies government sponsored massive unfair labor practices during and after the division and privatization of the National Railways of 1987.



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