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Weekly “Zenshin” No.2001 Top Appeal (April 16, 2001)




Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL/CHUKAKUHA)


On April 3 the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the outcome of textbook screening which approved the history and civics textbooks for the junior high school, edited by an ultra-rightist, fascist group, “Tsukurukai” (the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform).

We denounce categorically the governmental authorization of the fascist-made textbooks. We shall by all means force to withdraw this decision and never allow Tsukurukai's textbooks to appear in classrooms.

We declare our determination to prevent adoption of the textbooks by the local Boards of Education and municipalities including in Suginami Ward in Tokyo, and to crush this reactionary attempt once for all by the all-out offensive of the people.

We are determined to wage a decisive struggle against governmental attempt of reactionary “education reform” materialized first of all in the said authorization of the textbooks of Tsukurukai as its ideological axis and at the same time against planned revision of the Constitution (of which main issue being abolition of the non-war clause, i.e. Article 9), for these two issues are closely connected in their class character. Our present task as JRCL is, therefore, to win in the coming election of the Metropolitan Assembly (in June) as an important step in the Constitution and Education struggle.

The textbooks of Tsukurukai glorify prewar Japanese history of invasion into, and colonization of Asian countries and omit intentionally undeniable historical facts of wrongdoings and atrocities committed against Asian people by the Japanese Imperial Forces during colonial rule and in the Pacific War—an aggressive imperialist war. The textbooks distort, obliterate and even justify cruel historical deeds of Japanese invasion and aggression in Asia. No words of reflection and self-examination are to be found in this textbooks upon the historical crime of “the Japanese Empire” culminating in the Second World War. Suffering of the Japanese workers and people under tyranny of the Emperor system by means of the “Maintenance of Public Order Act” is also completely concealed. Nor is there any description of postwar reflection and determination of the Japanese people—“We shall never repeat war”. Underlying historical concept of this fascist-written textbooks are open praises of the “Imperial view of history”.

The newly approved textbooks are thus nothing but open declarations of Japanese imperialism to re-invade in Korea, China and other Asian countries and to re-establish at home a despotic state under the Emperor system. To allow this reactionary scheme is, therefore, to strangle class consciousness and internationalism of the Japanese working class and people through their own irresponsibility.

Asian people are raging fiercely upon the approval by the Japanese government of the textbooks written by Tsukurukai. This is an inevitable explosion of their indignation against past Japanese invasion and also an urgent appeal to us Japanese workers and people for a joint action against present danger.

On March 11 a joint-declaration of North and South Korean workers was issued to denounce the textbooks of Tsukurukai. Three labor organizations, namely, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the Federation of Korean Trade Unions and the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea denounced the distortion of history by Japanese militarists and appealed to labor organizations of Japan and the rest of the world for joint protest actions. We must wage a decisive struggle in response to this appeal.

The textbook struggle is a life and death matter for the Japanese workers and people in its responsibility as a revolutionary class. We call for a resolute fight against the Tsukurukai's textbooks as a self liberating struggle and as an international joint action.

It is inevitable that this struggle diametrically confronts Fascist forces headed by ISHIHARA Shintaro, Tokyo Governor. Thus Suginami Ward will be the biggest battlefield for us in this decisive struggle.


1) The history textbook of Tsukurukai claims, first of all, “History is not a science”. Its aim is to prevent criticism on modern as well as contemporary history of Japan. It describes modernization process of Japan as glorious history under the Emperor system (Tenno Bonapartism), which was in fact a cruel history of incessant wars of aggression combined with colonial rule and Imperialist terrors at home and abroad. Thus the textbook tries to avert serious and fundamental account and reflection over Japanese modern history, distorting and falsifying historical facts in a shameless way.

Secondly, the textbook neglects national liberation struggle of Asian people against imperialist big powers, praises Japanese imperialist development, justifies Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) and Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) from Japanese side, ignores anguish and suffering of the Asian people caused by Japanese aggression and colonial rule, disregards creative unfolding of national liberating power of Asian people vis-à-vis Japanese invasion, and idealizes modern Japan as a “success”, thus looking down upon the Asian people.

Thirdly, the textbook conceals by every means what actually happened in Asia during Japanese war of aggression and colonial rule, and calls Japanese wars in Asia “Wars for the liberation of Asia”. It means first of all justification of Japanese annexation of Korea (1910). All the historical facts originating in Japanese imperialist invasion in Asia are completely and intentionally erased in this fascist-made textbook: unlawful taking up of lands and deprivation of languages and surnames from the Korean as well as the Chinese people, enforcement of those people to be Japanese subjects, forcible mobilization and transportation of Asian people to the military as well as civil service of imperialist Japan during colonial rule over Korea, Taiwan and northeastern China, degenerating in the unpardonable historical war crime of Japanese imperialism, namely military “comfort women” system (a war-time sexual slavery) .

The textbook also denies lot of brutalities committed by Japanese army during the war of aggression on China, such as the “Sanko operation” (“kill, plunder, and burn them all”) i.e. indiscriminate massacre of innocent inhabitants, the “Unit 731” medical experiment, plundering of resources, land robbery and mass slaughter of peasants in northeastern China and, above all, notorious “Nanking Massacre” (1937 massacre of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians, inhabitants and capitulated soldiers in Nanking by invading Japanese troops).

Fourthly, the textbook moreover idealizes prewar Emperor system and the Japanese Imperial Constitution as symbols of “democratic modern Japan”, and also praises the “Imperial Rescript on Education” and the “Imperial Rescript for the Military”. On the other hand, domestic suppression of workers and people and discrimination of the Buraku people by the Security Police and the Military Police under the system of the “Maintenance of Public Order Act”—in a word, brutal political rule by means of terrorism in the name of the Emperor—these historical facts are totally concealed in the textbook. The responsibilities of the Emperor for waging imperialist wars, conducting ferocious colonial rule in Asia and postwar delivering of Okinawa to the US domination (1945-72) are not at all questioned.

Quite on the contrary, the textbook praises openly an ideology of Japan as Divine Country—“Imperial view of history”, which has fundamentally been denied after the Second World War. It even sets out to revive falsification of the ancient history of Japan, regards the Jimmu Emperor(a figure in the foundation myths) as the first real emperor, and claiming fabricated mythology of the Imperial Family to be an authentic Japanese history.

Fifthly and finally, the textbook justifies the Pacific War as a war of “self-defense” of Japan against the US and glorifies the suicide commandos (“Kamikaze” pilots) and the “BANZAI attack” (desperate battle) in the war.

2) As for the civics textbook by the same authors, its front page carries a headline: “National border line and emergency in areas surrounding Japan” followed by an illustrated article on “invasion of Chinese fishing boats” into Japanese territorial waters; so-called “Japanese northern territory” issue; a fabricated story of “threat of North Korea” with ballistic missile “Taepodon”; the issue of an unidentified ship on the China Sea; landing on a Chinese Diaoyutai islands by an armed Japanese right wing team; the hostage incident in the Japanese Embassy in Peru and hostage rescue operation of the Self-Defense Forces etc. etc. All of these presentations are aimed at instigating chauvinistic terror and war of aggression in Asia.

In its main text, it dares to overturn current official interpretation of the Japanese Constitution in stating: “the 9th Clause [of the Constitution] admits to exercise right of self-defense”. While applauding the Self-Defense Forces, it degrades civil rights, the primary ideal of the postwar Constitution, and subordinates them to “obligation to the state” and “fidelity to the state”. The textbook of civics by Tsukurukai is thus endorsing feverishly reactionary revision of the Constitution and revival of conscription.


Underlying intention of the textbooks of Tsukurukai is to mobilize younger generation to a war of aggression on Asia and a war against the US as a desperate exit from the present crisis of the Japanese imperialism through propagating “national defense” “patriotism” “loyalty to the Emperor” “Japan as a great leader of Asia” etc. Those actual aims are revision of the Constitution and reform of the postwar educational system.

The reactionary attempts initiated by Tsukurukai are closely connected with the governmental enforcement of “Hinomaru and Kimigayo” (national anthem and national flag, both of which symbolize prewar Japanese Imperialist aggression in Asia) at the ceremonies of public schools and administrative punishment and expulsion of militant, conscientious teachers who resist this enforcement.

Spearheads of this reactionary attack are: the right wing group of the Liberal Democratic Party, governing party (Nakasone, Mori, Murakami and Koyama, both notorious for their recent bribery issue of KSD [Small Business Manager Welfare Work Corporation]); Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo Governor and Yamada, chief of Suginami Ward; “Revisionist” historians, i.e. pretending Liberals; reactionary right wing bourgeois press headed by the Sankei Shinbun; and anti-Communist groups such as Shokyo-Rengo (Defeat Communism League [the political organization of the Unification Church]) etc. Those who are operating reactionary “Hinomaru and Kimigayo” campaign in Hiroshima and Kunitachi (suburbs of Tokyo) are also working as reactionary agents of Tsukurukai on textbooks issue.

Since the legislation of the ceremonial obligation of “Hinomaru and Kimigayo” in 1999, the struggle has been mounting vigorously this year in a larger scale than last year among the teachers defying administrative warning and punishment of the local Boards of Education and school masters as countermeasure. With the teachers, junior high school and high school students in the forefront, labor unions, ZAINICHI (living in Japan since prewar era under the forced circumstances of Japanese colonization and oppressions) Korean, Chinese and Asian people, Ainu-people, people in Okinawa, the Buraku people, “handicapped” people, religious people, intelligentsia, parents, inhabitants—these broad stratum of people are joining in the locally coordinated struggle. Through ferment of the mass militant struggle revival of teachers' movement as worker's movement will surely be realized. Thus violent and decisive confrontation against the government and Japanese imperialism is being launched.

We are convinced that the struggle against the textbooks of Tsukurukai will inevitably develop into a decisive class battle with tens of thousands of workers and people participating in an international solidarity with Asian people. Whether we admit once again Japanese military invasion and aggression on Asian countries and brutal Imperial suppression as well or not depends upon this struggle.

Our present task is to denounce energetically the authorization by the government of the fascist-made textbooks and to prevent by all means its adoption by the local Boards of Education. Central battlefield is, needless to say, Suginami. Let's fight for the victory in the coming election of the Metropolitan Assembly with our candidate in Suginami Mr. KESHIBA Seiichi who advocates anti-war stance.

We denounce hereby US war provocation against China exposed by the recent collision of a US spy plane with a Chinese jet fighter in the sky over the South China Sea on April 1. Let's fight against attempts to joint aggression of US and Japanese imperialism on China and Korea!



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