The Aims of JRCL

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The Aims of JRCL

From the preface to the Rules of JRCL, adopted by the 6th Congress of Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL) in 2001

It is the final goal of the struggle of the working class for self-emancipation to make communist society a reality. The emancipation of the working class is, needless to say, achieved as emancipation of all mankind from oppression and discrimination, in a word, universal and complete liberation. Thus, the establishment of communist society is JRCL’s ultimate aim. With this final objective, JRCL fights for PROLETARIAN WORLD REVOLUTION AGAINST IMPERIALISM, AGAINST STALINISM.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 opened up a new era of abolition of class rule and termination of the pre-history of mankind, and heralded a transitional period of world history from capitalism to socialism.

Imperialism is the final stage of historical development of capitalism in world history, i.e. dying capitalism and the eve of proletarian world revolution. The victory of Russian Revolution distinctly demonstrated this fact to the working class of the whole world. The establishment of the Russian workers’ state as a fortress of proletarian world revolution enormously encouraged the world working class and triggered a worldwide explosion of struggle.

The workers’ state of Russia was, however, isolated by the defeat of revolutions in Europe. Confronted with grave difficulties, Stalinism emerged as a result of surrender to this situation, thus constituting a counter-revolutionary alienation of world revolution. Based on the doctrine of “socialism in one country”, Stalinism opposes proletarian world revolution and Marxist theory of communism. It has been distorting international communist movement and rendered the USSR irrelevant to any workers’ state through breaking up workers’ councils (Soviets).

USSR Stalinism thus became a reactionary alienation of advance for socialism as a new oppressor of the working class and various nations in the USSR. At the same time, it played a roll of helping survive imperialism in death agony, strangling revolutionary struggles of working class in capitalist countries.

Chinese Stalinism, appearing from national liberation struggle and revolutionary war, has taken also by its Stalinist nature a hostile policy against world revolution and has become oppressor of the Chinese people and suppressor of the struggle of the working class all over the world.

USSR Stalinism, which had been practicing the policy of “peaceful coexistence” with imperialism and the political line of “socialism in one country”, went into historical bankruptcy and collapsed in 1991 as a result of intensification of its fundamental contradiction.

The postwar world system of imperialism and Stalinism has thus entered a process of historical disintegration. The pivot of contemporary world politics, which used to be summarized politically, militarily and formally as face to face confrontation of imperialism and Stalinism (determined by basically survived imperialism), has converted into naked confrontation between imperialist powers. In other words, under mounting pressure of excess capital and excess productive forces and intensified inter-imperialist rivalries, a process of an explosion of basic contradiction of imperialism has started: economic crisis parallel to the Great Depression of 1929, rupture of world economy and its transformation into several blocs; and imperialist wars against oppressed nations, inter-imperialist wars, and a world war involving ex-Stalinist countries as well as remaining Stalinist countries such as Chinese Stalinism

Collapse of USSR Stalinism has exposed historical bankruptcy of Stalinism. It never lessens, however, the strategic importance of overthrowing Stalinism. Without basic strategy of overthrowing Stalinism, it would be impossible to succeed in the struggle to oppose to reactionary policy of drastic conversion into capitalism and to achieve a renewed proletarian revolution (the second proletarian revolution) in collapsed Stalinist countries, such as the former USSR. Further more, overthrow of remaining Stalinism, such as Chinese Stalinism is not an easy task to carry out.

Therefore, the struggle of the working class of the whole world for proletarian world revolution must at the same time overthrow international imperialism in death agony and achieve the second revolution in collapsed Stalinist countries, including overthrow of remaining Stalinism, such as Chinese Stalinism. It is evident that this struggle can gain victory only through close organic unity with the task of completing national liberation struggle (national liberation, revolutionary war) as an essential part of the proletarian world revolution.

Historical bankruptcy of Stalinism and full-scale explosion of basic contradiction of imperialism tells us coming of an era, in which there can be no alternative but the Third World War under the rule of imperialism and Stalinism or the WORLD REVOLUTION AGAINST IMPERIALISM AND AGAINST STALINISM.

Evidently, the strategy of WORLD REVOLUTION AGAINST IMPERIALISM, AGAINST STALINISM must be the basic strategy for contemporary revolution

JRCL has confirmed, based on the self-criticism on July 7th 1970, that the right way of crystallizing and materializing proletarian internationalism for the working people in imperialist countries is to build up genuine solidarity with national liberation struggles of oppressed nations, especially for Japanese working people solidarity with the struggle of Asian peoples and Asian residents in Japan, conscious of blood debts to them.

JRCL fights, based on this proletarian internationalism, for the victory of world revolution in a firm solidarity with the working class and people of the whole world, to begin with Korean, Chinese, Russian, US. Above all we fight for overthrow of Japanese imperialism in order to achieve Japanese proletarian revolution as a vital part of world revolution. Our strategic general line, forged in the struggle, for the victory of Japanese revolution is as follows:
“In Solidarity with Fighting Asian People, Turn Japanese Imperialist Aggressive war on Asia into a Civil War!”
“Dismantle US Bases, Get back Okinawa; Crush Japan-US Security Treaty, Overthrow Japanese Imperialism!”
“Stop Japan to Become a War-state, Crush Revision of the Constitution; Overthrow Japanese Imperialism!”

Through proletarian socialist revolution, JRCL fights for establishment of workers’ own power, i.e. workers’ council, with an aim of creating a genuine proletarian democracy, that is, the dictatorship of the proletariat.

JRCL fights for setting up a fighting workers’ party to replace and overcome existing anti-proletarian left wing parties, namely Socialist Party (Social-democratic Party) and Japan Communist Party, which have long been distorting and suppressing the cause and task of self-liberation of working class.

JRCL will never forgive numerous counter-revolutionary deeds committed by KAKUMARU and its head KURODA, especially the assassination of comrade HONDA Nobuyoshi, general secretary of JRCL on March 14 of 1975. KURODA and KAKUMARU had dropped out and run away from JRCL, daunted by enormous hard tasks to tackle, which were presented in the third general meeting of National Committee of JRCL in 1962. KURODA and KAKUMARU have later degenerated into a counter-revolutionary band during the decisive battle in 1971 on the issues of Japan US Security Treaty and Okinawa. JRCL, holding fast to the preemptive strategy of civil war, acquired through severe battles against KAKUMARU, fully develops and powerfully materializes May Thesis of 1991. We shall thus, at the head of workers and people, confront with KAKUMARU, “NAZIS of today” in every field of class struggle, besieging and driving them to the wall. JRCL is determined to achieve a victory over Fascist band KAKUMARU through accomplishing vengeance upon the assassination of March 14 and carrying through general offensive against them till their complete defeat.

JRCL endeavors to advance theoretical struggle, political struggle and economic struggle.

JRCL fights to overcome Stalinist distortion of Marxism and Leninism, succeeds tradition of revolutionary Marxism, put forward by Marx and Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, and continues effort to develop it creatively, thus advancing theoretical struggle.

JRCL struggles to advance revolutionary mass actions, labor union movement and revolutionary parliamentarism. Thereby JRCL consistently fights to promote class-oriented workers’ movement and labor union movement in forefront of those movements and pave the way for the creation of proletarian democracy at every stage of the struggle.

With another Great Depression and the third world war historically impending, we appeal to the proletariat of all countries and oppressed nations to unite under the banner of WORLD REVOLUTION AGAINST IMPERIALISM, AGAINST STALINISM. Let us build up a genuine workers’ party instead of Social-democratic Party and Japan Communist Party and advance for the victory of Japanese revolution!



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