Appeal to June 14 and 15 Rallies from detention


Appeal to June 14 and 15 Rallies from detention

ODA Yosuke, president of Zengakuren (All Japan Federation of Student Autonomous Bodies)

 On March 14 three years ago, I was arrested for my protest action against the Hosei University administration that took away students’ notice boards quite abruptly and one-sidedly without any consultation. The same university administration that had asked the police to assault on protesting students three years ago, now delivered students to police for damaging university’s notice boards.

 I call on you, all those students who want to live a genuine human life, to raise your angry voice against this brutal act of Hosei University administration. What was written on the notice board of the University administration that was allegedly damaged by protesting students? The university notice boards announced the prohibition of entrance into the campus of those students who were expelled from the university for their activity to demand freedom of speech on campus and also who could not afford to pay expensive university fees. Their names were published on the notice boards and exposed to general public.

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