Stop all nuclear power plants immediately! Urgent Appeal


Stop all nuclear power plants immediately!

Let’s fight against neo-liberalism! No War, No Mass Unemployment, no negligence of local regions!

March 13, 2011

Urgent Appeal on the East Japan Huge Earthquake of JRCL-NC

  The working people are severely suffering from a horrible disaster caused by the East Japan Huge Earthquake. It is no simple natural disaster but human-made. The unprecedented terrifying accident of Fukushima nuclear power plants incurred by the earthquake typically illustrates this fact. Immediately after the outbreak of the earthquake, the cooling system of the nuclear reactor stopped functioning. It made it inevitable for the reactor to have fuel rods broken and a large amount of radiation released. Actually the reactors could not be cooled any longer and the temperature of the reactors kept mounting even after the stoppage of the reactors, resulting finally meltdown of the radioactive cores, the worst outcome. We are confronting a horrible accident surpassing in its serious character the Three Mile Island Accident in the US and Chernobyl Accident in the former USSR.

In face of this serious accident, however, Kan administration has been trying to conceal the dangerous development through putting media under severe control. Even after the radiation release and the explosion of the reactor facilities were revealed, the government spokesperson kept insisting, “The nuclear reactor is in safe condition” and “Nobody’s heath is injured”. Stop lying! Many workers are forced to continue their dangerous work on the spot of the accident to settle the irregularities exposed to radiation. Don’t you know that? There is no guarantee for the evacuated inhabitants in the neighboring area of the nuclear plants to resume their life and work on the contaminated land.

It has been warned that a big earthquake could provoke a terrible disaster of the nuclear power plants since long. The authority concerned, however, boasted that the nuclear power plants were “safe and clean” and pushed forward the development of nuclear power policy at the head of imperialist big powers of the world. Kan administration, among other governments, formulated its “New Growth Strategy”, in which export of nuclear power plants occupied a major position. They have been rushing the drive to seek interests and profits of capital as the supreme goal above all. The result is the present accident.

The Tsunami disaster has the same background. Towns and villages completely disappeared and the number of the dead and the missing people amounts to several thousands or tens of thousands. The real cause of these disasters is not attributed to the dimension of the Tsunami. The areas hit by the Tsunami, centering on Sanriku-coast, was provided with the levees far lower than needed to stop the assault of Tsunami. Neo-liberal policy intentionally neglected the development of the local economy and society, and worker, farmers and fishermen were forced to suffer concentration of contradictions of the society. This caused the disaster of this scale.

  Kanadministration refuses to take responsibilities for all disastrous results and attempting to make use of the grave situation caused by the East Japan Huge Earthquake in order to find its way for political survival at the sacrifice of working people. In the name of “national emergency”, Kan is attempting to suppress struggles of working people violently to achieve “political truce” and to mobilize all workers into “national unity”. Their aim is to establish a favorable condition to carry out massive dismissal, casualization, participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), enforcement of new military base construction in Henoko, Okinawa, and plunge into aggressive war on Korea. It is a sort of counter-revolutionary coup-d’Etat by Kan administration,


After the anti-labor political settlement to suppress the struggle of 1047 dismissed national railway workers on last April 9th and the de facto outbreak of the aggressive war on Korea on November 23, we are now confronting the third counter-revolutionary drive of the ruling class on the occasion of the gigantic earthquake to crack down all working people’s struggle and independent movement.

 Let’s crush all these governmental attempts with the angry action of all the workers.

 Down with Kan administration, which precipitates the global economic crisis, massive unemployment and war!

Stop operation of all nuclear power plants and abolish them immediately!

There is no future for capitalism.

Only proletarian revolution offers a fundamental rescue for the suffering people and to answer the sorrow and anger of the deceased.

United power of working class to fight capitalist class is the only force to overcome the tremendous disaster. Let’s revitalize labor unions now!

Join us in the anti-war rally and demonstration on March 20th and kick out Kan government!

Let’s fight in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution!