1. Stop Constitutional Revision and Nuclear Armament!
  2. Report and Statement on Zengakuren's September Struggle against the War Legislation of the Abe administration
  3. Crush catastrophic attempt to justify Japanese military aggression and colonial domination!
  4. Appeal to the people of the Middle East, Europe and all over the world
  5. Stop all nuclear power plants immediately! Urgent Appeal
  6. New Year's Appeal of JRCL/Politburo
  7. "Violence Punishment Law" crushed. A Stunning Victory Against the May 27 Repression on the National Railway Workers
  8. A Short History of Japan Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee (JRCL-NC)
  9. Draft Program of JRCL is the Manifesto of the Communist Party of today
  10. Crush Kakumaru=Matsuzaki's Rehabilitation Efforts!