October 26, 2009

Draft Program of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee

Draft Program of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee

(Korean) (Japanese

[I] Our purpose (1) ~ (3)

[II] Revolutionary situation is ripe (4) ~ (5)

[III] The core problems of revolution (6) ~ (8)

[IV] The Task of 21st Century Revolution (9) ~ (14)

[I] Our purpose

(1) The emancipation of the working class must be conquered by the workers themselves. It is achieved by an overall overthrowing of capitalist society. The emancipation of the working class from class rule means at the same time emancipation of people from all kinds of oppression and discrimination under class society, that is, a universal emancipation of human beings.

Working class can not live without being a wage slave of capital in capitalist society in which it is deprived of all means of production and of living though it runs the production and in fact a master of the society. In capitalist society, labor, the most fundamental activity of human being, is reduced to means of self-increase of capital and workers are treated not as human being but as a labor power commodity. Proletarian revolution is a historical deed of reorganizing the whole structure of society by united workers who, overthrowing capitalist class, crushing bourgeois state power, establishing proletarian dictatorship and taking back all social means of production from the bourgeoisie who possesses it as private property. It abolishes the relationship of wage labor and capital and at the same time puts an end to oppression and exploitation of one class by the other class, overcome social division into classes and regain genuine community to the human being.

The only purpose of the Revolutionary Communist League is to fight an overall struggle for the complete victory of self-emancipation of working class. Achievement of complete defeat of capitalism=imperialism, accomplishment of proletarian world revolution, abolition of class society and construction of a genuine human community, that is, communist society.

(2) Revolution today is proletarian world revolution against imperialism and Stalinism.

As defined by Lenin, imperialism is the highest stage of capitalist development, in which inherent contradiction of capitalism is violently aggravated and outbreak of imperialist war and great economic crisis become inevitable. The age of imperialism is an age of proletarian socialist revolution.

The Russian Revolution in 1917 opened up a way for proletarian world revolution through overthrowing imperialism and thrust the whole world into a world-historical transition period from imperialism to socialism. However, Stalinism emerged with the false principle of socialism in one country that is a total destruction and distortion of Marxism and Leninism and brought about a total deformation of the achievement of the Russian Revolution. Through betraying and suppressing the struggle of the international working class for world revolution, Stalinism became a supporting pillar of world imperialist rule and ended up as a gigantic counter-revolutionary force to help survive imperialism. In spite of the historical bankruptcy and collapse of the USSR and East-European Stalinist regimes, Stalinism has not been completely overthrown. China, now one of the economic big powers through acrobatic policy of introducing capitalism, remains in its essence anti-proletarian vestige of Stalinism. Ideologically, Stalinist distortion of socialism and communism has still been playing a harmful role in the class struggle of the world. Especially, Stalinist negation and decomposition of Marxist thought in its core, that is, the thought of self-emancipation of working class, remains the most serious issue today. For accomplishing proletarian revolution, we need to carry out the second revolution of overthrowing Stalinism together with overthrowing imperialism. It is an inevitable task for us to take back genuine Marxism in the hand of working class.

(3) To achieve this goal, the proletariat needs to organize itself into an independent political party (revolutionary workers’ party). Proletarian revolution is not achieved spontaneously through class antagonism but is carried out by conscious efforts of the proletariat who is aware of its own historical task and is determined to overthrow bourgeois rule and to establish workers’ political power.

We fight for an overall overthrowing of capitalist rule of the whole world as a member of an international troop of working class. Our immediate task is to do away with our own bourgeoisie in unity and solidarity with fighting workers of imperialist countries as well as the rest of the world.

[II] Revolutionary situation is ripe

(4) Historical conditions are already ripe for the achievement of proletarian world revolution. The time has come working class finally stage general uprising to overthrow once and for all capitalism=imperialism in its death agony and ultimate catastrophe.

The whole historical development from the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Great Depression in 1929 and World War II till today is characterized by desperate efforts of imperialists for survival through suppressing successive revolutionary uprising of working class by the help of Stalinist betrayal. It ended, however, in aggravating crisis and corruption of capitalism, imperialism, to the extremity.   

State Monopoly Capitalism emerging after World War II was a system for maintaining capitalists rule through absorbing anger of working class by reformist measures. But the economic crisis of 1974-1975 exposed underlying contradictions of its system and put an end to it. The neo-liberal policy launched in 1980’s was presented as a last resort of moribund imperialism. As a result the whole society was subjugated to a ruthless law of jungle and speculative bubble economy flourished upon limitless exploitation of working class. Privatization offensive dismantled public education and medical system, causing devastation and decline of the society as a whole. A huge amount of riches have been concentrated into the hands of a small number of imperialist bourgeois at the sacrifice of working people.

The current global economic crisis is an inevitable consequence of the total failure of the neo-liberal policy and a manifestation of inherent contradiction of imperialism accumulated for the past century. It is evident there is no way of survival for capitalism=imperialism any longer. To prevent a desperate plunge into a large-scale unemployment and war, including nuclear war and to save not only working class but also the whole humanity from marching toward a catastrophe, there is no alternative than to turn world economic crisis into proletarian revolution. It is time to respond to the cries of workers and farmers, “We must live” and carry out revolution.

(5) Everything depends upon whether working class rises up in unity as a single class overcoming division brought about by capital among workers. In developing and forging class unity, a genuine community of human race will be revived after a long history of its deprivation. Working class alone has such a power and ability to achieve this human cause. Real power to change the society lies here.

The development of capitalism, imperialism, has brought forth a tremendous productive forces as a result of pursuing more profit and at the same time produced worldwide proletariat who is grave-diggers of capitalism. When workers of the world unite and rise up for revolution, it is possible to overthrow capitalist society and to launch immediately construction of communist society. Its conditions are ripe. 

[III] The core problems of revolution

(6) Working class needs to take political power from bourgeoisie and to become ruling class for the achievment of proletarian revolution. Proletarian revolution is by nature violent revolution. Working class establishes a new state, that is, proletarian distatorship, through overthrowing the state power of burgeois dictatorship.

Proletarian distatorship is necessary not only for defeating all resistance from the part of burgeoisie completely. It is necessary for acquiring ability to sweep away all the remnant of the old society, abolish class society and establish communist society.

The first task of proletarian distatorship is to violently dismantle huge military and bureaucratic state machinery of bourgeoisie and replace it with a totally different organization based on the armed masses (a Commune-type state, a state preparing its own disparition). Under proletarian dictatorship, working class develops itself into direct organizer of the state power of proletarian dictatorship and forge its ability to reorganize production and to solve all the social problems through united effort. Proletarian distatorship makes efforts to gain and organize farmers and all other working people to the side of workers’ state, abolish antagonism among nations, to overcome division of towns and countries and to create a society in which there is no discrimination or suppression.

This is a way to achieve a communist society based on the hstorical experiences of the Paris Commune in 1871, Russian Revolutions in 1905 and 1917, materialized in Soviet (Council of Workers, Farmers and Soldiers ). 

(7) For the victory of the revolution, construction of a party of working class is decisive. Stalinists deformed Marxism and also distorted workers’ party into a special group standing outside, or even above the actual working class. As the Manifesto of the Communist Party states, the party of proletariat has no interests separate and apart from those of the proletariat as a whole. It does not set up any sectarian principles of its own, by which to shape and mould the proletarian movement. Working class create a party through its own struggle by its own ability. The party is a political body of communists whose aim is to establish working class power and to achieve communism. The party is, therefore, a part of working class and the highest form of its unity representing its class-consciousness in a sharpest way. It is the most trained and tested vanguard of working class.

Construction of workers’ party is only possible through a struggle that is carried out on the principle of establishing class unity to fight unconciliatoryantagonism against capital. In the present situation, it is carried out in unity with the endeavor of revitalizing militant labor union.

Working class emerges as a political force by creating a party. The party stands at the forefront of the class struggle, represents the interest of not a part of but the entire working class and expresses not only the present but also the future of the movement, pointing out the conditions of social revolution and historical task of proletariat before the eyes of the whole working class. With the party as an important pillar, working class fights and defeats all repressions of capitalist class and the state power, promotes class unity based on labor union and makes all preparations necessary for the victory of armed uprising to take power in a conscious and planned way.

The party is by nature constructed as illegal and clandestine party and as a Marxist party and a single working-class party of the world.

(8) Labor union occupies a vital position and plays an important role in formation of the working class into a revolutionary class. The core of the struggle of reviving Marxism consists in rehabilitating the revolutionary role of labor union.

Labor union is a weapon of workers to fight in unity against capital and the most fundamental form of unity of the working class. First International stated in its resolution, Trades' unions. Their past, present and future, that “If the trade unions are required for the guerilla fights between capital and labor, they are still more important as organized agencies for superseding the very system of wages labor and capital rule”. In other words, labor union is “a school of socialism” (Marx), in which each worker is brought into class unity and trained to be a major character of revolution through daily fight against capital in the point of production helped by the struggle of a party. Through forging unity, the working class acquires a power to take over the control of workplace from the capitalist class and to run the social production on its own. Establishment and expansion of the control of the point of production, workplace to the whole society offers a decisive prerequisite for overthrowing the bourgeois state power and victory of proletarian revolution.

Labor union has a strategic significance as one of the major pillars of proletarian dictatorship together with the party and the soviet and serves as “a school of communism” (Lenin) in paving a way for abolition of class antagonism and for construction of communist society.

Under the rule of imperialism and Stalinism, however, revolutionary role of labor union has long been denied and labor union has been transformed into an instrument of controlling workers by capital under the domination of corporate-fed labor aristocrats and established reformist leadership. It is urgently needed to break up this situation by the rising of rank and file and revive labor unions into their original form. 

[IV] The Task of 21st Century Revolution

(9) Confrontation with the current global economic crisis and war is the urgent task of the working class of the whole world. The major battlefield is a frontal crash of a revolutionary force and a counter-revolutionary force over the hegemony of labor unions and labor movement.

Violent development of world economic crisis inevitably leads to imperialist war. We must be aware, however, that imperialist war is only possible when class unity of workers is devastated and labor unions are transformed into an instrument of mobilization of workers into capitalist war. The historical lessons of World War I and World War II teach us this. A decisive polarization and antagonism is developing within labor unions and labor movement over the grave issue: whether to fight uncompromisingly against imperialist offensive of privatization, war and union busting or to cave in to the enemy attack. At the same time, this development leads to a violent confrontation with all kind of counter-revolutionary forces as well as Fascist movement who are urged to emerge in the battlefield of class struggle in fear of imminent proletarian world revolution. When the working class succeeds in carrying through a determined and unflinching struggle in this decisive historical moment, militant labor union and class struggle unionism will be revitalized and the direct way for the taking power by the working class will certainly be paved.

(10) This struggle comprises a great historical task to take back class unity and international solidarity that have long been trampled by imperialists and Stalinists through bringing in a division among working class into oppressing nations and oppressed nations. Proletarian class unity beyond nations, nationalities and borders enables working people to prevent imperialist war of aggression and world war and to proceed for proletarian world revolution.

(11) For farmers and other layers of working people, it has become now urgent desire and need to overthrow capitalism, imperialism. Proletarian revolution makes it one of its major tasks to offer an ultimate solution to agricultural and farmer problem. At the same time revolutionary uprising of farmers occupies a decisive position for the victory of proletariat. We recognize the enormous significance of worker-farmer alliance in our struggle.

(12) Japanese imperialism is the weakest link in international imperialism. The foundation of Japanese imperialism, a major economic power, is in essence, it’s a fragile structure dependent on US world domination. Fatal elements for Japanese imperialism are firstly the critical structure of the control of workers within the framework of the postwar constitution and secondly the crucial relation with the United States, materialized in Japan-US Security Alliance (“Ampo”) and presented as “Ampo, Okinawa issue”. The current global economic crisis aggravates the critical and crucial problems of Japanese imperialism and inevitably brings them to explosion. We urgently need to perceive the tremendous turmoil created by this crisis of Japanese imperialism and turn it into an excellent opportunity for the victory of Japanese revolution.

Japanese imperialism is precipitated into a deep crisis. It has become, therefore, urgent for Japanese ruling class to establish a system of national mobilization into imperialist war of aggression, to strengthen offensives in serious issues: Ampo and Okinawa problems, revision of the Constitution, privatization, introduction of the Doshusei (Wider Area Local Government System) and union busting. Japanese imperialism is, however, a bankrupt state with grave fiscal failure and its political ruling system is collapsing. We face now the greatest revolutionary situation since the defeat of the postwar revolution. A decisive battle is before us, demanding a vital choice: whether to suffer terrible agony of war, unemployment, exploitation, usurpation, disease, massacre, an so on, or to carry out proletarian revolution to overthrow Japanese imperialism, taking over imperialist state power and pave a way for socialism. What decides the life and death struggle, or war or revolution, is conquest of hegemony by working class over labor union and labor movement.

The last resort of imperialist counter-revolutionary forces is the Emperor System (Ten-no System) as the political rule of capitalist, or class rule, faces catastrophic disintegration. Working class is determined to sweep away all forms of the Emperor System once and for all as one of the essential tasks of proletarian revolution.

(13) The victory of Japanese revolution is achieved through solidarity with the Korean proletariat who are struggling for revolutionary unification of Korean Peninsular by breaking down the division into North and South and solidarity with the Chinese proletariat who aims at overthrowing Chinese Stalinism. Combined with the historical upsurge of the US working class fighting at the heart of world imperialism, this victory will prepare a way for the victory of proletarian world revolution, turning the current global economic crisis into an excellent opportunity for us.

(14) Our fundamental spirit is expressed by Marx and Engels at the end of the Manifesto of the Communist Party:

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

Working Men of All Countries, Unite!