January 17, 2009

Hiroshima University students denounce raid on Gaza

Angry demonstration on campusA protest rally and demonstration took place on January 15 in Hiroshima University with the slogans, "Let's join in worldwide protest demonstrations" "We denounce Israeli attack on Gaza". 50 participants, including Hiroshima University students, foreign students, clerks of university cooperative society, journalists, and others, gathered with a firm determination to stop Israeli invasion on Gaza and courageously carried out a rally, demonstration on campus and march through the corridors of classrooms.

The rally and demonstration were organized rather hurriedly under the influence of powerful protest demonstrations all over the world. Flyers were distributed and discussions were held in classrooms and call for action was made in corridors. In spite of insufficient preparation, the result was quite moving.
In lunchtime on the day of the rally, a large signboard was set up in front of the student restaurant to call on the queue. The signboard said, "We are all comrades, Palestinian workers assassinated in Gaza, Japanese students whose promise of employment cancelled and temporary workers abruptly dismissed" "US military domination over the Middle East and violent corporate restructuring have a common root in the current worldwide financial crisis. Capitalism is at a deadlock" "Let's look at how workers are strengthening their unity to overcome capitalism everywhere in the world" "Even Arab and Jewish people can unite together. Unity is our keyword. Let's develop international solidarity of workers and students all over the world. Today is the day of action to join in worldwide struggle against war and aggression "

In front of this signboard, a protest rally was held, drawing intense attention of students. A parade marched through the corridors of the classrooms, shouting slogans also in English. "Stop war now!" "No blood for oil!" "Never repeat HIROSHIMA in Gaza!" "Workers and students of the world, UNITE!"

The cry of the demonstrators echoed over the whole campus. It was a big success. Next time, it will be prepared and organized far better.All the participants were satisfied with a recognition that the action of January 15 marked a new step forward of the student movement of Hiroshima University for international solidarity. It was very important to have achieved unity with foreign students whose anger against Israeli raid is vehemently mounting. We can unite. United, we can change the society. Let's organize more boldly. General strike of student shall succeed.